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Travel Solutions

From booking to exploration, we redefine your journey with cutting-edge technology.

RPA Solutions

Streamline tasks, amplify productivity, and embrace the future of automation. Unleash your business potential today

Accounting Solutions

Whether you are a travel agency owner, franchise, independent agents or agents you will need to ensure your financials are running smoothly.

Printing & Packaging ERP

Whether you are a small print shop or a large commercial printer you need to find a better way to stay organized.

Insurance | Travel | Real Estate Education | Healthcare Transport | FMCG | Hospitality | Ecommerce

Travel agencies have specific types of revenue, expenses, cash flow needs and delays that need to be tracked correctly. Columbus Books empowers you to manage your day-to-day operational and management requirement.

As we focus on your current ans future requirements, we ensure your system to work smoothly to provide the best user experience and stability. At WebQNex, we believe that with the right understanding of domain knowledge and technological edge, we can assist our user’s customers to be successful in their business.

Our range of products offers bespoke solutions for the type of business you engage.

Your Business, Our answers

Seamlessly Navigate, Explore, and Rediscover the World. Your Journey, Our Technology


Having 20 years of experience in the Tourism, Insurance, Real Estate, and Business applications domain makes us one of the leading solution providers in the realm in which we work. Our comprehensive suite of business solutions helps industry-leading companies achieve tremendous success. Our services are designated to take your business to next level by simplifying the operations, driving efficiencies, keeping track of key Metrics. We have consistently delivered optimal solutions that leverage our collective experience in the IT sector.

MAHCE was founded in 1992 in Dubai with the vision of providing quality, timely, end-to-end Software solutions at reasonable cost with the motto. We have 25 years of expertise in various verticals which span across tourism, trading among others.

Our clients range from local businesses to multinational corporations, and we are proud of the successes we have helped them achieve. We are privileged to work closely with a variety of companies and business analysts.

While we embrace cultural, ethnic, racial and gender diversity in a smart move for today’s fast and remote models. Not only because there are tangible and measurable benefits but because there are other advantages too that can give your development team an edge over a less diverse group.

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